January 15, 2024

Even Years Are My Fave

Welcome 2024

“No matter how hard the past, you can always begin again.” - Buddha

It has indeed been a strange few years since the Pandemic and 2023 was no different.  It was different than ‘21 and ‘22 in its complete unpredictability but the fact that it was still so far from what we’ve always known to be “normal” remains true.  

And, of course, the family Evans had a major life change so black was white, up was down and while most people were just getting their bearings back, we threw ourselves to the wolves like a fresh baby lamb.  Okay, maybe that’s extreme but honestly, 2023, with all of its changes for the better, was still the hardest year of our lives.  

So, I reflect.  A little older, a LOT wiser, on what we can do to make 2024 more successful and a bit less gut-wrenchingly stressful.  Some things were beyond our control like that aforementioned unpredictability in business (in the Fall) that caused us to doubt everything we are and do.  But some things, like our gorgeous new surroundings and really loving our new home and community were a direct result of the work we’ve put in.  Essentially, LESS of the former and MORE of the latter is a good road map for the new year ahead.

2024, while as uncertain as any new beginning, holds a couple of exciting personal endeavors for us!  In late April, Robin will play a Heavy Metal show in Germany with one of his former bands.  Not only will it be his first time in Europe, but it will also be a lifelong bucket list item checked.  He has worked incredibly hard to prepare for playing in front of thousands of screaming metalheads from around the world!  Let’s give him a collective BRAVO for the effort alone!

Also, and if you know me you know this is news of the most GINORMOUS PROPORTIONS… while Robin is in Germany, Ellie and I will be on our first-ever trip to PARIS!!!!! 

Yes, as you may have guessed, I am completely beside myself!  Doing my Duolingo lessons every day, studying up on our must-see attractions, can’t-miss restaurants, and how to pack efficiently for 10 days in the Spring/rainy season.  Again, it will be a bucket list item checked, hopefully followed closely by the rest of Europe during which we’ll scout our eventual escape to some quiet but abundantly charming pocket of the Mediterranean.  But that’s another story for another day…

For now, we will focus on making this even-numbered year (usually my faves) the best it can possibly be: business-wise, family-wise, fulfillment of dreams-wise.  As always, we’ll try our best to be kind and will eat more fish and salads.  We’ll take the good with the bad but will aspire to roll with the flow rather than forcing the universe to do our bidding.  And, we’ll do all of it with generosity in our hearts for what we have.  

Happy New Year!

“I was walking down the avenue, my heart open to the unknown.” - from Les Champs-Élysées