Getting New Mexico

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A Novel by Rhenna St Clair

Aaron Schuyler is a ne'er-do-well, a cheat, an exploiter, a drunk, and a lifelong New Yorker.  New Mexico is about to change everything about him in this fresh and witty comedy of second chances and redemption. 

At 52, Schuyler has destroyed his life and doesn't care. His mother, Clementine, presents Schuyler with an ultimatum - she'll bail him out one last time, if he leaves New York and takes a job at Sam's Club in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

When Schuyler starts his new job, he is immediately smitten with the beautiful and no-no-nonsense HR director Anita Chatterjee - and for the first time in his life, Schuyler wants to be a better person.

Can Schuyler adapt to a life of responsibility?  To a mature relationship? To New Mexico? To shaking scorpions out of his boots?