Hand-Painted Graphic Ceramic Candle

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This is a great artistic statement piece for your home with luxe fragrances and a creative handmade style. 

Pair with some fab matches like our VERY popular Cloche matches.

Size: 8 oz.

Care: We recommend trimming the wick to 1/4" every burn. The first burn, let the candle melt out to the glass before extinguishing. This will prevent welling and/or tunneling of the candle. 

Dimensions: 3.5" around x 3.5" tall


Hearts | Rosewood & Vanilla:

  • Top Notes: bergamot, pure lemon, fresh nutmeg, bitter lime
  • Middle Notes: rose geranium, warm amber, peony, cedar leaf
  • Base Notes: rosewood, patchouli, spicy musk, sandalwood

Eye | Incense & Smoke:

  • Top Notes: white grapefruit, mandarin, cinnamon
  • Middle Notes: clove bud, spiced orchid, tonka bean
  • Base Notes: frankincense, myrrh, cedarwood

Snake | Wild Lemongrass:

  • Top Notes: citron, sweet eucalyptus, mandarin, bergamot
  • Middle Notes: wild verbena, lemongrass, geranium leaf, rose
  • Bottom Notes: lush greens, crisp musk, cedar, sandalwood

Tiger | Black Cedar & Fig:

  • Top Notes: green olive leaves, meyer lemon, frosted aldehydic accord
  • Middle Notes: black figs, hedione, misted fig leaves
  • Base Notes: poplar wood, clear musk, tonka beans

by Paddywax