August 10, 2023

New Ventures...

New Ventures...

Welcome! If you’ve been reading our blog, you know about our journey from NM to Tucson and all the trials and tribulations that’s entailed. If you’re joining us for the first time, catch up! You’ve missed a lot, but we’re glad you found us!

At Ampersand Old & New, we are, above all, a small family business. When you shop with us, you literally help pay our staff, inventory our beautiful store, and provide us with a modest but quality life. We are not wealthy, nor do we have stockholders. No one makes decisions but us, good or bad. No one else pays the rent or takes the risks.  

That may all seem obvious but one of the common misconceptions we’ve encountered in Tucson is that we’re either a chain or an antique mall. That’s a NO to both, NOR are we a consignment store. We purchase and own the things we sell with thoughtful consideration for a multitude of factors. If it’s new: who made it?  Are they a small business too? If they’re growing like us, are they doing it responsibly? Do they stand by their products and source them sustainably? If it’s vintage: is it good design? That’s always priority number ONE. We’ll say it time and time again… the age of something shouldn’t matter if it’s good design. Even condition takes a back seat because we’ve helped rehab about a million great old things by this point and it's our pleasure to do so!

Our experience in Tucson thus far has been SO GOOD! We absolutely love it here and have met amazing people. If we had any questions about whether or not we made the right move they were squelched these past few weeks when we were invited to participate in an exciting opportunity. Our new friend Nate Ares, of the amazing Prep & Pastry restaurants and Flora’s Market Run (among others) has invited us to be a retail contributor to Flora’s Market.  

What does that mean? Well, it’s almost like a second store for us! We have researched and strategically sourced merchandise that is unique but compatible with our aesthetic, has Flora’s customers and price point in mind, and meets all of our criteria above. It’ll be Ampersand AT Flora’s!  

As always, there’ll be a little vintage sprinkled in but in general, we’ll be offering goods related to three areas: Breakfast, Snacks w/ Wine, and Dinner. Such items will include (but not be limited to): kitchen tools & tea towels, coffee accoutrements, measuring devices, market bags & lists, wine decanters, bread bags & boards, candles, cookbooks, etc.  

There will be other contributors as well which I’ll keep under wraps until everyone’s ready but what I can tell you is that MEAT, PLANTS and CHOCOLATE will be involved!  I mean… what’s not to love? As always, we are so grateful to be able to do what we love. Honestly, having it be so well received is just the syrup on the pancake. So, THANK YOU! We’ll see you around The Village at Sam Hughes!