Palo Santo Bundles

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Palo Santo ("holy wood," in Spanish) is an amazing way to clear negative energy and invite positive vibes into any space. For centuries, it has been used in spiritual rituals to cleanse and purify by healers and shamans of the Andean and Amazonian indigenous peoples. 

While similar to the cleansing use of Sage, palo santo promotes positivity, where sage is used to remove negative energy. Its sweet, fragrant aroma is also the perfect incense to brighten up a room. With many emotional and spiritual effects, it can also help remedy allergies & headaches. 

Fragrance Notes: woody, sweet, hints of citrus

How to Burn: 

  • Light stick until it starts to flame
  • Hold stick downward at a 45° angle
  • Let stick burn ~30 seconds
  • Blow out flame, if necessary. It will burn a thick, aromatic smoke anywhere from a few seconds to minutes
  • You may go around your home or space to cleanse, or set it in a fireproof dish
  • Palo Santo usually goes out on its own, but if it doesn't, gently nudge it into the dish, or a small bowl of sand or soil. 

Sourcing: We are proud to provide you with ethically & sustainably sourced Palo Santo, straight from Peru. This particular Palo Santo comes from the bursera graveoleon tree, which is ranked "of least concern," in terms of endangerment, by the International Union of Conservation of Nature.

As a family business with Indigenous roots, we urge you to cleanse your space & use your Palo Santo with intention and appreciation for Indigenous culture. 

Size: Bundle of 6, each stick is around 4" long