Tatine Candles

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Natural wax candles in smoke grey mouth-blown glassware. Composed of bespoke perfume oils and essential oils with cotton wicking. Pthalate-free, free of petroleum-derived paraffin. 

Glassware is hand-crafted to be drink safe post-burning. Once all the wax is gone, hand wash or put the glass in the dishwasher to use as your next juice or whiskey glass! Pair with some fab matches, like our VERY popular Cloche matches or these super cute Cowboy Boot matches.

8 oz. | Up to 50 hours of burn time!

Care: We recommend trimming the wick to 1/4" every burn. The first burn, let the candle melt out to the glass before extinguishing. This will prevent welling and/or tunneling of the candle. 

Fragrance Notes:

Bitter Orange & Lavender: Seville orange oil, marmalade, dark orange bitters, Barreme lavender, soil, floral, mango extract

Garden Mint: lemon mint, pink peppercorn, berries, ginger, eucalyptus, jasmine petals

Hashsish*: viscous ash, tart rhubarb, peppery citrus, dark patchouli, saffron, Hindu buds, violet, woody

*scent discontinued | limited stock* 

Kashmir: sandalwood, white incense, woody amber, saffron tea, magnolia flower, vanillin, musk

Morning Sun: velvety apricot syrup, green lime leaves, pink peppercorn, Timur pepper, red grapefruit, orange blossoms

Sanctuary*: sparkling mimosa, ginger, coriander, iris petals, sandalwood

*scent discontinued | limited stock* 

Spirit House: orange, mandarin, coriander, fire, pimento, dried chilies, lemongrass, wild lime leaves, violets, rose hips, vetiver, Ma-Kwan pepper